Medina’s Digital Prints

Temporary post. To purchase a digital print and help Medina start-up her business follow the next steps. Decide on the digital print you prefer. You will receive an original high resolution photo. Then send a payment (anything you like to offer from 1 euro and up) via the following methods. If you have a PayPal…

Autumn in Colour

Yes, it’s late, another film that took months to develop. There is a lot of time available for creative projects in a period of isolation yet somehow I find myself more motivated to work and to take care of the world. I graduated in the middle of a financial crisis and the recovery was pretty…

August in black and white

I absolutely love colours. However I had bought a roll of Arista Edu 400 some time ago, and I realised that it had recently expired. Unfortunately, development times here are really long, and except for the waiting time, it also affects the motivation to take photos on film. But now I know better: I packed…

Summer Vibes

Summer comes later around this side of world, but it is pretty charming.

Purple Magic

The season of purple blossoms and Kodak Ektar.

Autumn in Herzegovina

A few shots from my last trip to Herzegovina in 2018. Taken with Minolta X-700 and Kodak Ultramax 400.