Spring in Sanski Most and Sarajevo

May came to BiH, and after the trip to Sweden I used half of the film I had there to take some ‘greener’ photos with the Zenit 12XP. As it happened earlier, there were even more light leaks, and some bad contrast in the photos. It was quite a change from the first two rolls. Also the battery for the light meter died in the meantime, and I never replaced it as I didn’t rely on it much anyway.

As the problems with the cameras start, I am always curious to find out what they could be caused by. When I’m at fault, whether the scanning or developing was not good, the film, or whether something is broken with the camera. It’s often hard to get these questions answered. I’ve tried flickr groups, but without many answers, and some questions might be too specific and obscure. I don’t really have anyone here to look at the cameras and fix them, so sometimes I would try myself. The one person I was told could do it said he would ‘have a look’ for 50 euros which is an awful lot here for such a service, given that some people can earn as little as 200E per month. Hopefully the more I use film, read about it, and research, the better I will get at solving these problems.

The photos taken with Fuji Superia 400, same as the one I used in Sweden, had a similar ‘quality’.

The second roll, Kodak Gold 200, turned out much better though. These photos were taken at the same time, and same place.


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  1. lasousa2015 says:

    The common body maladies are: light leaks from bad seals; corrosion in the battery chamber; dried up gearing. The light seals are an easy fix, there are many tutorials on You Tube and kits are available on ebay for different cameras. For the dried up gearing, I just saw a great video from “Pentax Pete”. He retrieved the Pentax he had purchased new in 1960 and brought it back to life by removing the bottom plate and using small amounts of sewing machine oil. I will find the video and post the link for you. His videos are great, very knowledgeable and a good sense of humor.


  2. lasousa2015 says:

    Here is the link to Pentax Pete’s great vid:


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