New Camera: Canon TX

I was at the market again and someone was selling a broken Canon TX. I actually got excited when I saw it from a distance because I had wanted to replace my missing Canon AE-1 for a while, and it looks similar.

When I saw it, I looked at it a bit and it looked in bad condition. The person selling it was trying hard to make me buy it though I was not interested. I had only asked how much he wanted for it out of curiosity. In the end he said: I’ll give it away for 5 euros, please take it. I thought maybe he hadn’t had a very good day selling his stuff, so I ended up getting it.

What was obviously wrong: it wasn’t very smooth, and the focus on the lens (FD 50mm 1.8), was clearly not working; there was no film rewind button; the viewfinder was full of filth and you could hardly see through it.

I slightly made it a bit more functional with a bit of cleaning, replacing the lens with a compatible Canon FL 35mm, and using a screw driver to ‘push’ instead of the missing button to rewind the film. What was wrong after developing the film: light leaks, and some of the photos turned out almost half black. The latter is still a mystery to me.

These are the better test shots, taken on Kodak Gold 200:


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