In Tirana with Canon TX

In May I went to Tirana to implement one of my projects, which was very exciting. In the process of trying to defend the wild rivers of the Balkans from many small hydropower plants (that often do not even meet the minimal environmental conditions needed), we decided to deliver a petition in a state of the art way, through a video and sound installation designed by a local, Albanian artist. More about that, here.

Given that the installation took place at night, in low light, I did bring my digital camera, but I actually wanted to take photos on film during the days I was there. Between the light leaks I saw in the photos taken with the Zenit 12XP and those of the Canon TX, I decided the latter was more manageable. I didn’t want the Minolta Hi Matic as I was keen on bringing a manual exposure camera.

The black spots though got bigger, and for some reason all text in the photos was inverted. But someone kindly told what the issue was, namely that the lab had scanned my film somehow backwards? They also told me how to fix it. When I returned home, I purchased some thin black foam to seal some of the camera, and I’ll have to see whether that makes anything better, at least the red light leaks. I know some people love them and would put them as filters on their Iphone photos, but I’d rather not have them at all.

Taken with Kodak Portra 400.



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