July around Sarajevo and Sunsets in Selce

I Love the small Minolta Hi Matic E, but quite often taking photos with it is a challenging adventure. That would normally not be the case, it is after all a camera with auto exposure, and and all you need to do is focus, right?

Well, about that. When I don’t take photos of landscapes, I usually like to take close-up shots of my subjects, 5 metres of less in distance. But getting those distances right has not always gone so well. Perhaps 50% of the photos I take like that come out of focus, and that is a lot. One time I tried 1.5m and 2 m (which i thought was needed) and both photos came slightly out of focus. Yes, it does have a small green ‘image’ projection in the viewfinder, but it is only visible in dark settings, not at all during daytime, or at least, there’s no way to be able to figure it out. The plan is to repeat this, and write down how I took the shots and hope it might lead to some enlightenment.

Taken with Kodak Ektar 100


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