September in Herzegovina and Croatia

I decided to try the Minolta X-700 again on this trip, this time fully on manual mode, while using the built in light meter. The photos came out better, but there was still an issue, this time my fault.

I decided to ask about the problem I had last time in a Flickr group, namely why my photos did not come out very sharp. Someone finally replied and I was sure none of the issues they suggested were present. One of them was if I set the right film speed. I was sure I did, but when I picked the camera again I realised I indeed had, because this time I forgot to change it from 200 to 100. Not a big deal said the person at the lab that develops my photos, but some came underexposed.

The trip took us around Herzegovina in some places that, although I’ve lived here for a few years, I never saw: Mostar (the old bridge and the old town), The Dervish House and Buna river, the Kravica Waterfall and Capljina.

In Croatia we went to Peljesac, not an island, but almost, filled with vineyards. I was really excited about all the local wine, but most importantly, the Prosek, which is a drink that tastes similar to sweet white wine, but stronger, at about 20% alcohol. As I would do, rather than go to an established wine shop or bigger vineyard, I just stopped on the side of the road where a sign said that there were liquors for sale. It was a small producer, he made me taste everything, and I also loved his walnut liquor (orahovac). I normally don’t like it in Bosnia, but his was brewed with coffee beans and it tasted fantastic!

We also attempted to climb what I call ‘the great wall of Ston’ – a fortification that I believe is one of the biggest of its kind the the world, known also as the ‘European Wall of China’ – which I find very funny. Today it is about 5.5km long, though we hardly managed to walk 500 meters as the beginning is very steep.

The photos were taken with Kodak Ektar 100.


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  1. rfcn2 says:

    Ektar 100 is my favorite film but my shots usually come out with almost no grain and beautiful colors that pop. Most of the shots in this post have really bad grain issues. Ektar 100 is known for winning a contest a few years back as having the least grain of any color film. I did download one of your shots and spent about 3-4 minutes in Lightroom and got 80-90% of the grain out and did a few things with the color. If you wish I will email you my edit. Please supply and email address to do so.


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    1. Adelina says:

      I also got Ektar because of that, though I think I was at fault for all this grain because of the wrong settings, but also the lens I got seems a bit tricky to focus- I did so much better here, so i think it is an improvement. About the focus- I have a suspicion someone adapted that lens for a digital camera – for example – on my Minolta- it won’t focus to infinity. To get a shot like the one in the featured photo there is one tiny spot just before infinity and i need to spend ages to get it right. But I am still learning about all of this. I think getting comments from other people with more experience is very useful for me to learn. I would like to see the photos you edited, when you have some time, please send them to:


  2. Matt says:

    These shots are gorgeous!


  3. lasousa2015 says:

    The images are well composed but from being underexposed suffered a bit. Ektar likes light! Colors are rich and vibrant. Give it another try, I am sure you will have great results.


    1. Adelina says:

      I will try again with the right settings, but for now I ran out of Ektar, and I need to wait and order some more.


      1. lasousa2015 says:

        Good. Let there be light!


  4. rfcn2 says:

    Ektachrome will be out in a week. Kodak has made a new formulation of it and hopefully will have the same gorgeous colors of all the great National Geographic Ektachrome shots from a few years ago. In the past Ektachrome did not have the same look as Ektar. So I am looking forward to seeing what the new formula will look like.


    1. Adelina says:

      That sounds great, it’s always good to have more choice for film, I shall keep it in mind, and get some of it after it is back on the market 🙂


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