March 2018- Still Winter in Sweden

At the end of March I got to go on a one week trip to Sweden, in Skovde and Gothenburg. As we stayed there the temperatures got crazy low, and it didn’t turn out to be very pleasant to spend a lot of time outdoors. Sweden lived up to the expectation of being very cold, even though the locals said it was not normal for that time of the year.

The trip to Sweden was also the first time I didn’t bring a digital camera with me. Of course I had my phone, but its camera is not good at all, so i never really use it to take photos unless it’s to ‘document’ something. I also really wanted to bring the Zenit with me, and it was heavy enough on its own and we flew low cost (I wouldn’t really call 200E low cost, but it was Easter after all) with just 1 small piece of hand luggage.

That was also the first time that light leaks started to appear in the photos. I don’t know how it was possible to shoot two rolls of film and not have any of it, and suddenly I think more than 5 photos were ruined. That was a bit disappointing, it was going so well. The quality of the photos was also a bit lower i think, most turned out less sharp than usual. Either way, there are still some shots I like. I used Fuji Superia 400.



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