Signs of Spring and Zenit 12XP

In March this year it got warm enough to leave the winter coats at home. But only for a while. The weather was tricky, as some trees rushed to bloom, but then towards the end of the month, the cold days were back. In March I was still shooting the same roll of Fuji C200 that I had put in my camera back in December. Perhaps that was when I realised just how hard it can be to take 36 photos.

I did decide however that I was going to stock up on a few rolls of film with only 24 exposures to have in case I ever get to test a new camera again, so that the process moves fast, and I am eagerly curious each time. Will the camera work? Have I gotten used to just relying on my intuition when it comes to setting good shutter speeds and aperture values? Will I like the lens?

About the lenses, the Helios 44M is one of my favourites for sure, and I am really glad I decided to get it, and the Zenit as well. It is quite sharp and the bokeh it produces is really wonderful. This applies both for film and digital cameras.

Finally, below are three shots from the warm days we had in March this year.


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