Cold Weather Days

We had decent weather in September, but suddenly it decided to get a bit drunk this week, with temperatures as low as -2 in the morning. It also rained a lot, so that meant taking more photos indoors, which is good practice, because I haven’t really tried it. When I did before my photos came under exposed.

Here I used quite an old camera, which I had some trouble figuring out. I got a manual after a while, and figured out how to change ASA, but to me it still acts more like a rangefinder than an SLR and I’m therefore still a bit confused. The camera is Agfa ColorFlex or I am told it was also called AgfaFlex in the US. To me it was too heavy and not very straightforward, but it worked well so I planned on selling it. But of course, I couldn’t do that until at least I tried to test it.

Focusing is difficult in the sense that I need some time to figure it, and I can’t just focus and snap. Other than that I really liked it, and it didn’t even seem to complex after all. Perhaps I was just a bit intimidated by the unfamiliar look at the beginning. I was really surprised when I realised that my attempt to do a double exposure worked, and I did try a night shot, but I don’t have a cable release for it, and it looks like the camera moved slightly, but now I know better.

Taken on Kodak Gold 200.


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  1. lasousa2015 says:

    The same thing happened to me on a long exposure without a cable release, using a Rollei. With the leaf shutter I thought it would be ok, but there was slight movement (also from a shitty tripod). I had a cable release but the threads would not seat in the Rollei shutter, and I could not figure out how use the self timer from being frustrated. If I could have managed the self timer, I think shots would have turned out ok….I doubt the Agfa has a self timer….My experience using many old cameras is it is best to stick to the tried and true models that (generally) hold up well to time. A great site is JR Smith’s Fogdog. JR is a friend and he exercises and gives opinions on tips with many different analogue cameras. He posts once weekly. Give it a look, I think you will enjoy his California coastline imagery and related words….

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  2. lumefreak says:

    Really like these photos, though I’ve read they’re test shots. Specially the raw vintage feel that film captures. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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