Canon AE-1 Program Works

I got this camera from a box at a market in Tirana. When I brought it home I realised the shutter was not working. The problem was, as is usually the case with these cameras, a defective magnet. Taking the camera to a professional to repair it was out of the question, because the only person who knew how to do it said I should just throw it and buy another one. We had different perspectives on that.

And so first I made sure it was definitely the magnet that was the issue- perhaps I could write another post about those technical details. Then we got it fixed. Unfortunately, the first roll came out blank, but it turned out it was not the camera causing the issue but the lens. I tried a second roll with a Canon FL 35mm 2.5, as I figured it was compatible, and the only other Canon lens I had that was definitely working.

Since I shot that roll of film I’ve moved, and two weeks ago I finally sent the film to the lab. It is more hassle here. In Sarajevo I had a guy with a lab next to my building and he would develop and scan the film within one day. Here the wait is much longer.

As it was a test roll, the photos are probably not that interesting, but I took them in October 2018 in Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostly they are photos of leaves and Stella. I really wanted to capture the autumn colours. I shot Fuji C200, and the vibrancy has been boosted a little bit. I love the fact that the light meter on this camera works very well, it is very accurate, despite the camera’s age and the condition I found it in.



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  1. Oh I love that rainbow shot, and the rest of the shots are gorgeous. Nice to meet another film fan. Thanks for visiting my Other place blog, (I have a film blog too if you’re interested). I applaud you not throwing the camera away, I’ve got a couple of ones that are ‘fixed 🙂

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    1. Adelina says:

      Thank you! Glad you liked the photos, and i’m glad you fixed other cameras too. It feels good to revive an old camera.

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  2. Lovely shots! Beautiful colour!


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