Autumn in Herzegovina

I took these photos back in autumn, mostly in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I used the Minolta X-700 with the MD Rokkor 50mm 1.7 lens and Kodak UltraMax400; this time I made sure I used all the right settings.

Herzegovina is one of my favourite places in BiH, as I love the Mediterranean climate. At the end of September, I attended a green fair promoting local, organic products. I left for Sarajevo with a fig tree. I’d always wanted one, and someone from the very south, Trebinje, had brought one for decorative purposes. I convinced the grandpa with the stall to sell it to me in the end.



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    1. Adelina says:

      Yep, me too, but I can’t get accurate infinity focus yet, it was somehow de calibrated. But we’ll see if I can fix that.


  1. Jim Grey says:

    Excellent bokeh from that Rokkor!

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    1. Adelina says:

      Thanks, indeed looks great when I set the camera properly. I just got an adapter to try the Minolta lenses on my digital camera too, but I don’t have that lens here, just an MC Rokkor 35 mm F2.8.


  2. These are fab. The scenery in the first shot is lush, presume that is Herzegovina? I need to go there! Lovely colours and fab bokeh.

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    1. Adelina says:

      Hey, thanks. Yes, the first photo is from Konjic in Herzegovina. That’s the old bridge. There’s quite a lot to do there- rafting, hikes in the nearby mountains, Tito’s atomic bunker. Other than that it’s a nice small town that can be visited in a couple of hours.

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      1. I am putting it on my TBV list!

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